Leaderboard Rank Count Documentation?

The Nakama server 3.17.0 release notes says the following has been added “Return rank count from leaderboard score listings, if available for the given leaderboard.” Is there any documentation on what this is and how to use it via the Unity SDK ? I’d like to know how many scores are in a leaderboard so I’m wondering it’s possible to retrieve that number now ?

Hello @Spuddy,

Please take a look at this section: Heroic Labs Documentation | Leaderboards

Yeah I’m not seeing any RankCount property in the result when I call:

var result = await m_Client.ListLeaderboardRecordsAsync(blah blah blah)

It’s not in any of the records either. I’m using Nakama 3.19.0 and the latest Nakama client for Unity.

I don’t think the API change has been reflected in the SDK yet. It should be possible to get the data straight from the REST API though.

@Spuddy release 3.10.0 of the SDK is out.