List LeaderBoard Records, ranks null

i’m using ListLeaderboardRecordsAsync to show rank of logged in user in leaderboard in my game
but IApiLeaderboardRecord rank is null, ( in nakama console show rank of player)

  1. Versions: Server: Nakama {3.2.1}, Client: {Windows}, { nakama unity library 3.12.0}
  2. Server Framework Runtime language TS/JS
 public async Task<IEnumerable<IApiLeaderboardRecord>> GetUserLeaderBoardRecord()
     string[] owner = new string[1];
     owner[0] = UserId;
     var list = await Client.ListLeaderboardRecordsAsync(Session, GameConstants.GLOBAL_LEADERBOARD, owner);
     return list.OwnerRecords;

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Screenshot 2024-05-09 174349

i’m also tried ListLeaderboardRecordsAroundOwnerAsync
But this function is the same output and rank is null

  public async Task<IEnumerable<IApiLeaderboardRecord>> GetUserLeaderBoardRecord()
      var list = await Client.ListLeaderboardRecordsAroundOwnerAsync(session, GameConstants.GLOBAL_LEADERBOARD, UserId);

      return list.Records;

thanks to @champilas
just downgrade nakama to 3.20.1

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Hello @hojat-shafiee,

I’m glad you resolved the issue, a fix is already on master and we’ll have a new release including it very soon.


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