Unity Can't List Leaderboard Records Around Owner Async

The docs says that you can get breadboard around owner, but in unity it says that ‘Client’ does not contain a definition for ’ ListLeaderboardRecordsAroundOwnerAsync’.

link to the docs

code snippets

var leaderboardId = "someid";
var ownerId = session.UserId;
var limit = 100;
var result = await client.ListLeaderboardRecordsAroundOwnerAsync(session, leaderboardId, ownerId, limit);

@Mohammed You can see the method defined on the IClient code:


What version of the Unity client SDK do you use?

You are right @novabyte
My Unity client SDK is very old that I don’t have a version.text
Now I remember that I tried to update it once but it caused a lot of problems because so many changes.
I think I will just take backup and do it eventually.

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