Empty Rank for leaderboard list around owner

Server: GO 3.21.1
Game Engine Unity
Sdk 3.12.0

Hello Nakama Team.

Since i updated my Nakma server (GO) to 3.21.1, the function: ListLeaderboardRecordsAroundOwnerAsync (Unity SDK) now is not returning the Rank. It just returns empty rank.

Im sure that the problem started when i updated the server because all the previous live version of the app started to have issues. This is a few logs records (printed in unity console):

CreateTime: 2023-11-07T12:50:20Z, ExpiryTime: , LeaderboardId: general_book_1, MaxNumScore: 1000000, Metadata: {“location”: “sg”}, NumScore: 3, OwnerId: 7572e35b-6553-4afe-9850-ed81ea2d9120, Rank: , Score: 360, Subscore: , UpdateTime: 2023-11-07T12:57:04Z, Username: broly,

CreateTime: 2023-08-12T11:59:03Z, ExpiryTime: , LeaderboardId: general_book_1, MaxNumScore: 1000000, Metadata: {“location”: “sg”}, NumScore: 2, OwnerId: f5359292-026e-4ee4-829c-76b2332bbcfa, Rank: , Score: 350, Subscore: , UpdateTime: 2023-08-12T12:01:39Z, Username: Man,

as you can see the Rank is coming empty. This is actually affecting my published apps.

By the way, the function ListLeaderboardRecordsAsync works completelly normal.

Please help and thank you!!

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Im coming from future.

Downgraded the server to 3.20.1 and start working again. I believe that there is a problem with server version 3.21.1. Is this enough for you guys with this report or should i let a message on github? how can i help you to report this?

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This is also affecting one of my apps but the request that Im sending is from the RESP API
And the behaviour is the same

We introduced a regression in 3.20.0 that is already fixed on master, expect this to included in the next release.


Try to downgrade to 3.20.1 your server framework, that worked for me and let’s wait for the team to include the fix in the next release. :+1: