Is there any features roadmap for Nakama?

Im excited where the product could grow, is there any public information about that?

Hey @LucasGaspar, we’re glad you’re excited about the future of Nakama. We don’t have a public roadmap at this time but in general it’s driven by the greatest needs of the game development community. You are welcome to inquire about or suggest specific features in the forum if you’d like.


mine suggest is here Call functions between modules

I would love to have C# as server language, it’s a lot more easier when using unity to have the same language on client and server

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I hear you both. There are no immediate plans for additional server languages or interoperation between server languages, but it is something we would like to do in the future.

I would love some documentation and a demo for MMO applications. If sharding and areas of interest was included in Nakama it would be of tremendous help.


What about processing events through Lua/TypeScript runtime functions? Any plans for this?

@formatCvt what sort of events are you referring to?