Is it worthwhile/possible to use Nakama when your server is mostly written in a non-Nakama language?

Heya folks! I’m Matt, I’ve been a back end server dev at a couple different gaming studios since 2017, and am trying to write my own turn based game for the first time and just discovered Nakama. Thing is, I have a good amount of experience in .NET frameworks and have written a lot of the underlying logic and game play back end logic already in C# when I found this.

I have written a lot of the things Nakama offers in the past such as Auth and IAP processing, but I’d much rather focus on game play and not worry about it. The offering here also brings a lot of things I’ve never dealt with and would love to use this engine. But I have very little intention to completely rewrite my existing code to use Lua/Javascript/Go.

Is there a way to use Nakama and have it just make restful calls to a seperate game server for game logic execution? From what I’ve seen in the documentation it appears to have the hooks functionality on the server but I don’t think that its quite what I am hoping for. Is there any kind of server to server REST API to talk to Nakama for the things Nakama does well like social/auth/IAPs/matchmaking/etc while having a separate micro service handle game states and logic?

Hello @Waffleophagus,

It’s absolutely possible to use server-to-server calls to invoke Nakama functionality from another server, and you can use the provided http functions in the runtimes to invoke functions on an external server.

Server hooks allo custom code execution before/after API calls to Nakama, you can use them to call functions on an external server but it really depends on what you’re trying to achieve. Custom RPCs might be better suited as they are more flexibles.

Hope this helps.