Python support

Python when? :sweat_smile:

Thanks for the split. Not gonna lie, python support would be amazing!

@db0 You’re interested to have Python be another supported language to write server logic in that gets executed in Nakama server as part of the server framework?

Yes! Python is installed by default in all Linux systems and is very popular.

Also, Godot gdscript is using an almost identical syntax to python, so for someone who learned gdscript in order to use Godot, it would be a very easy step to switch to using python in order to add multiplayer to their game. Whereas while Lua is easy, it is quite different (especially in how it handles everything as a table) and thus the “mental” transaction to start with it is bigger.

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@db0 I understand but the game server does not execute server logic based on the interpreter available on the OS. We package 3 different server runtimes at the moment to support TypeScript, Go, and Lua languages. It’s a huge amount of work to introduce more languages but we’re always open to consider the rationale from developers.

I’ll put it on our internal roadmap but its likely we’d support WASM as a runtime before we add another language runtime. Thanks for the feedback :pray:


Understood. I was not really expecting anything, so even you considering it is good enough for me :slight_smile:

do you have a roadmap for WASM?


No timelines yet, but it’s in our radar.
Nakama still supports 3 runtimes: Nakama: Introduction | Heroic Labs Documentation