Can you share any Parties docs and examples for Unity

I see in the latest blog release (Heroic Labs | Announcing Nakama 3.0 - New Console, TypeScript support, and Realtime Parties) for Nakama 3.0 support for Parties has been added, but I can’t see any documentation for this besides the mentioned prototype code. Are there any examples or references for the 3.0 implementation?

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Hey @keiran, we’re adding support to the various clients right now. It is supported on the server but adding native support to each client is an extra step.


Thanks for explaining @lugehorsam! Seeing .NET’s realtime parties support is close by I’ll move onto other work. I’m assuming release /documentation for the Realtime Parties will role out once all clients have parity?

@kerianlovett Yep that’s the plan.

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Any status updates? I see the code has been done for a while on the .NET portion, I suppose that will go into the Unity plugin?

Waiting patiently :smile:

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@Meneleus A new .NET client release was completed yesterday which includes the Realtime Parties feature available in the server. We’ll do a Unity client SDK release tomorrow. /cc @lugehorsam
Thanks for your patience with these updates everyone. :bowing_man:



Looking forward to it!

Does this include the changes to execute callbacks in the main thread?

@Meneleus We just released the Unity client on Github. It will be out in the the Asset Store when it’s approved by Unity. They told us ~2 days. Release v2.9.1 · heroiclabs/nakama-unity · GitHub

It does include the ability to execute callbacks in the main thread now in addition to realtime parties. Check out the release notes for everything!


Awesome!! :clap: I’ll check it out today!

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@Meneleus and we’re working on Real-time Parties documentation and examples.

Hi, just wondering if there is an API documentation for this feature just yet?

@diannan Yep! See Realtime Parties - Heroic Labs Documentation

Hi @lugehorsam thanks for the link. I have already read this. I believe that is for the NET and JS clients? I was wondering if you had an endpoint API documentation. Im looking at extending the Defold interface to include parties and Im having some problems determining whether the server (Im using a docker version 3.3.0) is actually responding correctly or whether I have the wrong requests (the most likely problem).
I used the JS client as a guide, but I was hoping there were some REST API styled docs I could reference? Or is that the wrong way to think about this system - sorry, very new to Nakama (loving it very much though).

Hey @diannan, glad you’re enjoying Nakama so far. We don’t have REST endpoint documentation because it’s a websocket based interface. We are also making some tweaks to how the server responds to party messages in Nakama 3.4 so watch for that release in the next week.

I think the best approach for you at this point is ask your specific questions in the forum. I think ideally the documentation would cover your questions so we can fill in any gaps depending on your questions.

Oh and also @diannan we would love if you could submit your pull request to the defold client once you are done!

No. problems thanks. I have been talking to britzl (I think hes the defold extension owner) and he generates the Defold interface (which is pretty cool) however the parties is missing because it is not in the apigprc file - but if you are using websockets this may explain that (or not, still trying to figure out how this is going together). Thanks for the help.

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I’m looking for Unreal Realtime parties?

Hey @looper we’re going to be releasing unreal realtime parties this week.

been waiting for realtime parties in nakama :slight_smile:
please also add support of it to the js client

Hey @GCat the js client does support realtime parties. Take a look at the latest release.