Unable to delete friend from the dashboard in Nakama 2.7


When I tried delete someone’s friend from dashboard, page route me to login page. For this reason I can not delete someone’s friend anytime. How can i resolve this issue?

@volvox This could be an bug in the devconsole in the server. What version of Nakama do you use?

I am using 2.7.0 because of digitalocean support with 2.7.0. I can not upgrade my nakama for this reason.

@volvox You should really look into how the Digital Ocean deployment works so that you can upgrade your environment as new releases are made. The Nakama 2.7.0 release is about 9 months old at this point so it’s not a release we’d backport a patch for (if there is an issue).

I upgraded to nakama 2.11.1 and cockroach 19.2.5 but I faced same issue. It did not fix this bug.
When I restarted server I can see removed friends (which means these friends not in friend list)

@volvox I can’t reproduce it locally. Do you have logs which show errors when the operation is executed in the devconsole? Make sure you enable verbose logs with the --logger.level DEBUG option in the server startup arguments.

Friend Issue Video

I uploaded scenario with parameters. Please watch and tell me what I did wrong.

By the way when I tried delete from client (with client.DeleteFriendsAsync ) I can not see anything on console. I put some logs inside client and I saw this log;


End of this process delete flow succeed.

When I tried add friend from client (with client.AddFriendsAsync) I can see message like

{“level”:“debug”,“ts”:“2020-04-28T18:55:25.678Z”,“msg”:“Added new friend invitation.”,“user”:“85953302-5a61-41c9-82a0-497e67777e96”,“friend”:“947b6bf4-ba53-4d26-a4c6-e573bc56254c”}

And other side accept friend request using this method (client.AddFriendsAsync) and I saw this logs

{“level”:“debug”,“ts”:“2020-04-28T18:55:34.471Z”,“msg”:“Accepting friend invitation.”,“user”:“947b6bf4-ba53-4d26-a4c6-e573bc56254c”,“friend”:“85953302-5a61-41c9-82a0-497e67777e96”}

(This one consume the acceptance notification for information)
{“level”:“debug”,“ts”:“2020-04-28T18:55:34.484Z”,“msg”:“Delete notification query”,“query”:“DELETE FROM notification WHERE user_id = $1 AND id IN ($2)”,“params”:[“85953302-5a61-41c9-82a0-497e67777e96”,“757e55ec-37d2-4a7d-ab7c-e5bca1dfd31b”]}


I have two friends and when I listed my friend list with client.ListFriendsAsync(session) I saw just 1 friend in my list but I can see 2 friends on dashboard.


@volvox I think please open an issue on the tracker and we’ll investigate the bug in the dashboard for the next release: https://github.com/heroiclabs/nakama

Thank you for your interest,

I fixed “client.ListFriendsAsync(session) I saw just 1 friend” issue. I forgot set limit parameter. But still continue delete friend over dashboard issue. I will open an issue for this.