Nakama Dashboard Not showing on my windows Unity nakama server

Nakama Dashboard Not showing on my windows Unity nakama server , im using the example Jolly Roger, and i cant access to the nakama dashboard after copy and paste the url of docker of nakama server, btw im using windows 10 home and docker have both postgree and nakama in green, i had to set the - POSTGRES_HOST_AUTH_METHOD=trust propertie in the yml file due i was not able to made this run in otherway , even if i set the postgres a password then nakama was not connecting well so , the question is why i cant access dashboard on all the urls i have tried nothing shows only blank page .
another thing i have seen is that after test with unity and add friends (the reason of why im testing this since the friendship docs seems to leak of documentation that be usefull to me) it worked well the friendships, but when i try to remove of friends , it give me some error of a null reference exception like the unity web request didnt success in the call to it and i guess that have something to do with my problem of the dashboard. thanks in advance.

@PabloMonfort The code example in the Jolly Roger project is a bit outdated at this point. The Docker compose file is outdated and uses the 2.4.1 release of the game server. This predates the Developer Console which was added to the server in the 2.5.0 release.

Please can you open an issue on the Jolly Roger repo to track these changes and we’ll update it. Thanks. :pray: