How about friends notifications delete?atuo or manual

When a player adds a friend, and the friend acceptthe request, the system will automatically generate 2 notifications. such as

  4a18b6bf-2a8b-425d-a5d0-2e7484920d6e | ffecde07-1ab4-4dc3-b888-638a554196d6 | genius_2562 accepted your friend request  | {"username": "genius_2562"}  |   -3 | 31630b63-93c8-4010-b3ac-d12e928378d4 | 2023-06-06 07:34:45.084337+00:00
  dfd12c9a-e9d4-4e33-886c-4f7533d14d6f | ffecde07-1ab4-4dc3-b888-638a554196d6 | genius_2559 wants to add you as a friend  | {"username": "genius_2559"}  |   -2 | 465077a9-33b2-4f15-ad9f-3d5c9a6ff092 | 2023-06-06 07:34:45.183767+00:00

What I want to ask is will the nakama system delete these 2 notifications automatically? Or the client will delete it by itself. Thanks

I run robot,and find the db I ask why @tom ,thanks.

Hello @hexun80149128,

Notifications won’t be deleted automatically but you will be able to do it from the client or from the runtime.

I want to know the best practice is the client receives the notification and calls the interface DeleteNotifications to delete or the runtime deletes at a certain time, such as when the player logs in? thanks。