Setting up DBA with Nakama

Hey everyone,

I just switched over to this from Playfab so that I can manage data in my game server using DBeaver.

The preconfigured Nakama Droplet in Digital Ocean from this YouTube tutorial does not configure SSL, so I haven’t been able to connect to it via DBeaver like in this example.

While I am able to ssh into the Nakama server from the Bash terminal, configuring the same SSH in DBeaver still doesn’t work. It also fails to connect with both SSH and SSL unselected in the DBeaver config.

I can connect DBeaver to another PostgresDB that I setup in Digital Ocean, so maybe this is just a condition of the preconfigured Nakama Droplet in Digital Ocean.

Assuming that is the case, I’m trying to do the custom deployment from the Nakama github. Following this tutorial, I have docker and docker-compose working in an Ubuntu droplet in Digital Ocean, with Nakama loaded in (using docker run heroiclabs/nakama), although when I try and docker-compose the docker-compose-postgres.yml (my preference is to get a Postgres DB with my game server, but I will be happy if CockroachDB works too), it gives the error:
No such file or directory: u'./docker-compose.postgres.yml'

I think I’m just a little lost in Docker world. Am I on the right path here?

I figured it out!

Instead of docker run heroiclabs/nakama I just cleared out all containers, and then pulled it the nakama container, and ran docker-compose -f docker-compose-postgres.yml.

From there, connecting from DBeaver requires the Droplet IP address, port: 5432, database: nakama, username: postgres, and password: localdb (as defined in the yml).

Leaving this here as this took a while to figure out, so partially to remind myself, and also for anybody else interested.