SSL on nakama server with domain

I am using letencrypt for ssl the domain for nakama server. Nakama Console is working fine
Issue 1.
when i use nakama client js to authenticate (any method) it’s showing “Err connection timed out”.

Issue 2.
If i give
ssl_certificate /etc/letsenrypt/live/domainName/fullchain.pem
in local.yml (My custom config yml file)
and run
sudo docker compose restart
sudo docker compose down
but when i run below command
sudo docker compose up
It’s giving me fatal error no such file or folder but fullchain.pem file exists on given path.

Help me with these 2 issues asap

Hi @yogi,

Unfortunately we’re unable to offer support for self-hosted instances of Nakama.

If you’d like to get in touch with us regarding our managed Heroic Cloud service please contact us at

1: are you sure, you have the correct server name and port defined?

Since you use docker-compose, your path to your pem certificate file is IN the docker container of nakama. so if you want the container to see it, it has to be in a docker volume. i.e. the data-folder where your local.yml file is.

In production, I’m running nakama behind an nginx proxy and behind cloudflare. so i let others handle SSL for me :wink:

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