Unable to get Load Balancer on DigitalOcean to work with Nakama and SSL

Has anyone set up Nakama on on DigitalOcean and somehow gotten the SSL to work via their load balancers?

I’m completely stuck on how i am supposed to do this.

I either get a 400 error or a 503 error depending on how i configure the load balancer.

I guess all i need to know if how can I set up the load balancer correctly, and do I need to make any changes to the Nakama settings somehow, and if so, how can I do that.

I use the same settings and It works for me, Nakama Docker on a Droplet that is configured over a Load Balancer to do SSL.
here is the configuration:

And I just point an A Domain to the Load Balancer IP

thanks so much this helped a lot!

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