Installed Nakama on Digital Ocean, now what?

I used the 1 click dropplet install on digital ocean - Im wondering what’s next, is there a Nakama control panel that I can access to? how do I connect to this from a client? Any help is appreciated, thanks



I would check out this YouTube video they made on how to authenticate a client to your server. At the end they also talk about how to access the developer console. All of their videos on their channel are pretty good so be sure to check them out.


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Thank you, I’ll take a look

Ok, no luck. How to open the Nakama console on the Digital Ocean dropplet?

If I click “console” it opens the terminal. After login in I typed “nakama” and got several errors, so this is probably not the right approach


Also I tried accessing it with the IP but that gives
a “site can’t be reached” error

Has anyone tried the Digital Ocean 1 click install and can help out? @heroiclabs support maybe

The droplet should automatically start everything you need. The console should be accessible on http://your.droplet.ip.address:7351/ and Nakama should be accessible on port 7350 of the same address.

You can see here the ports that are open and how the database/server are started when your droplet boots.

Thanks @zyro. I tried several times with the 1 click installer - it didn’t work so maybe there’s a bug in the implementation. After desisting on that approach, I was able to install Nakama manually using Decker on that dropplet, so now it’s up and running.