Nakama-UNREAL deployment on Oculus

I have installed the NAKAMA server locally using Docker. I am using Nakama-UNREAL client library and just trying out anonymous Authentication. Things are real good on windows. When the same build is prepared for Oculus using android packaging, The app keeps crashing. If I remvoe the NAKAMA modules and code from game, everything is just fine. I think the NAKAMA SDK runtime is missing on oculus. How to solve this issue?


Hi Rohot, we have not yet implement Oculus support for Nakama via Unreal. We welcome community contributions to make this happen. Could you also file an issue on the Github repository with your crash?

Hi Luke,
I will file an issue with GitHub repo with detail logs later next week as new Oculus is coming to me.

To make android packaging successful I have taken from the NAKAMA CORE release at this moment.

Added following to the

{UnrealTargetPlatform.Android, Tuple.Create(Path.Combine("android", ""), Path.Combine("android", ""))},

Now packaging happens with shipping - Android configuration.
The final thing I need to see is to package this with the apk and I presume this should resolve the problem, shouldn’t it?


@rohitdeveloper yes that should work – I should have mentioned that the current Unreal plugin does have Android support but it is yet-to-be released. However you can use what’s on master and you shouldn’t need your changes anymore.

@rohitdeveloper could you please let me know that it runs okay for you on Oculus?

Thanks @lugehorsam . I am starting my monday with master branch. I have access to remote oculus and one coming to me in 2-3 days. I will let you know my results for sure.



I built it with the master branch just packaged it. The packaged .apk has the file within the libs. It is because of android plugin apl file and it is functioning exactly as needed on oculus. I have just performed anonymous login and it is working as expected. In coming days I will test sockets and almost every functionality and let you know.

Conclusion: The branch is good enough for packaging android build from UNREAL and running the client on oculus.


Thanks @Rohit, much appreciated.