Nakama(2.5.0) Fails to Build in UE4 Android

Unreal engine fails to build package for android as it cannot find nakama library

  1. Versions: Nakama 3.7, Docker, nakama-unreal 2.5.0

Build error that is showing up:

This error wasn’t happening in 2.4.0 SDK.

Hey @SnappierSoap318 we are investigating the problem. In the meantime please use v2.4.0

I think you are missing the Android dlls inside the /Private/shared-libs folder from here:

(Edit: v2.4.0 release, though, so might not work with 2.5.0, seems like the dlls are missing from 2.5.0 release)
I had to manually copy the dlls from ‘nakama-unreal_2.4.0_android.7z’ into a subfolder of the Nakama Plugin within the UE4 project.