Gamelift Dedicated Server

is there any extra steps for deploying a UE4 dedicated Linux server - on gamelift that uses nakama ?
or would it be just as a project without nakama

Hi @Albertcleetus, I would need more information about your Client → Server setup to answer this properly. I.e. does your dedicated server interact with Nakama, or do the game clients talk to Nakama directly? In general though, there should be no extra steps needed.

we used nakama unreal client version 2.7
And we do in sample unreal project with gamelift and connect to my nakama server connection like this.

After that we take a linux server build for uploading to gamelift.

it is crashed, the fleet will crashed.

SERVER_PROCESS_CRASHED Server process exited without calling ProcessEnding(), exitCode(127), launchPath(/local/game/Gamelift_Test/Binaries/Linux/Gamelift_TestServer-Linux-Shipping), arguments(), instanceId(i-007e908116f51c830), publicIP(, gameSessionId(none), occurrences(3 for this instance in a 5 minute period)

before this we upload the build without nakama plugin and nakama server connection, there is no crash, that’s why we are asking.

please help me here guys.

we are stuck in this area.

we took the build via source engine version UE4.27.2 we are using a AWS plugin for the Gamelift. So we done a workaround by taking a build with a fresh new project by turning off nakama plugin and AWS Gamelift plugin turned on and uploading it into the fleet it got succeeded and after that we take a build with nakama plugin turned on it’s crashing after ( __ validating or activating in gamelift fleet.) We are using the nakama plugin version 2.7

These screenshot had the build files,

And below is the files in binaries folder , its had linux.dll

we don’t know anything need to do for the server build uploading in gamelift fleet with nakama plugin.
please help us…
Thanks in Advance …

Are you able to build and run this locally on your machine? Does it crash when running locally and if so are you able to find the code path that generates the issue?

The blueprint screenshot you showed looks ok to me, so I suspect it is something to do with the way you have configured the Nakama plugin. Please verify that you have followed the installation instructions here - GitHub - heroiclabs/nakama-unreal: Unreal client for Nakama server..

Unfortunately without more context it is difficult to assist here, as the error you shared from the Fleet Crash does not provide any insight into what exactly went wrong.