Nakama linux dependencies outside of Go?

Hi, I’m working with the linux version of nakama 2.11.1. Using Ubuntu 20.04 and previous versions of Ubuntu the server has run without any issues. I’m trying the exact same version of Nakama on linux lite 64 v5.0. The server seems to run fine, and I can access the developer console on the VM from the host computer but rpc calls return a 404. I’ve checked the port usage on the VM and they indicate nakama is using the default ports and is listening. Could there be some missing linux dependency with linux lite that is preventing rpc calls from working?

If you’re getting a 404 with a response body that indicates the RPC ID you’re trying to call was not found then the server is running and responding to traffic correctly.

Have you checked that your custom runtime modules have been loaded correctly? You should see log messages at startup indicating which RPCs were found and registered.

Yeah, according the the output in the terminal the server is running fine, and both go and lua modules are loading fine (though lua modules seem to take ages to load). I get the Startup Done message, so everything seems normal. I’ve just tried a whole new install of 2.11.1 on a clean vm of ubuntu 20.04 minimal install, and everything is working fine. So it seems linux lite 5 is missing something that allows rpc calls to work? We will move ahead using the new VM so it’s all good, was just curious what that dependency might be.

btw the 404 was being returned by nakama authentication, not any custom code, it was the authenticate by device id api.

If you’re getting a 404 from authentication calls then that’s nothing to do with runtime RPC functions. It would help if you could share the error message you got back. Nakama never returns HTTP error codes without a response body that contains more details.

Is it possible your setup included a network proxy that might have disallowed some paths or ports?

No it wasn’t related to our own runtime rpc, but from unity the error was something rpc related, from the authenticate with device id call, and the body I think was just “no found”. But unfortunately I’ve deleted the linux lite VM already so can’t replicate, and don’t have the editor logs to see exactly what the error was. No network proxy involved, though this was the first time using linux lite so not sure if there’s something particular about that distro’s default config.