Nakama modules doesn't work (DigitalOcean)

=== Nakama : DEBUG === Request 2 returned response code: 404, RPC code: 5, error: RPC function not found
=== Nakama : DEBUG === Sending async request: MatchJoin<match_id=, token=Null, metadata=Null>
=== Nakama : DEBUG === Resuming response: 1: {cid:1, error:{code:3, message:Invalid match ID}}
=== Nakama : WARNING === Error response from server: {code:3, message:Invalid match ID}
Error joining the match : 3 - Invalid match ID

I cant use rpc function. Nakama didn’t see modules .lua
I use DigitalOceat droplet.

Hi @KinashMaksym

Can you post your code, and did you follow the Lua setup here? Lua Setup - Heroic Labs Documentation