Mafia based game

Hello, I am interested in making a mafia-based game that has the following features:

voice chat
Turn based
Each room contains 10 players
The game contains a leaderboard
What technologies do you think I should use?

Hey @hojat-shafiee you can use our multiplayer engine to handle your turn-based matches. You can start off using client-relayed for prototyping and eventually move to a server-authoritative solution using our runtime framework if you want.

Here is a guide to our relayed-multiplayer framework. You can also do a search through our forum for other users who have implemented turn-based games.

You may have also seen that we offer leaderboard support for your end of match screen:

You can create a short-lived leaderboard at the end of the match with it.

We don’t offer voice chat – this is something you’ll want to find another solution for.