Realtime multiplayer using unity

Hi, i am a unity front end developer and collaborates with backend developer who uses nakama. But we make turn based games. So i have a little idea how data is sent and received. But at home i am trying to make a Bomberman style multiplayer game. Besides learning Go, i am really confused about where to start and what to learn.
Any help or suggestion would be really really helpful…

Hey @TG9six, I recommend reading through the getting started docs and spinning up a local server using Docker:

After that I’d take a look at the Nakama documentation on our match API, specifically the authoritative multiplayer documentation since you’ll have a central server managing state:


Sure @lugehorsam, i have already started setting up docker. Thanks a lot for the help.

In addition to what @lugehorsam mentioned, we have various video tutorials to help you start the server and integrate with Unity:


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@mofirouz thanks alot, there are so few video tutorials for nakama out there. Ill surely watch these ones.