"Friendly Words" multiplayer word game


I just released a beta version of my game “Friendly Words” which is a multiplayer boggle variant to the Google Play Store.

Features of the Nakama server that I use:

  • Matchmaker for open real-time matches
  • Storage engine for turn-based matches, avatar images, user-permissions, etc…
  • Authoritative multiplayer (real-time and passive turn-based)
  • Leaderboards/Tournaments (daily, weekly, monthly leaderboards for most wins/scores/words and reward distribution for top players)
  • In-app notifications (for rewards, private game invitations, point and coin updates)
  • Real-time chat (with hooks for a profanity checker)
  • Friend management
  • Push messages via OneSignal
  • Google authentication
  • Most plugins have been written in Go, a few simple ones in Lua

The Nakama server (currently v3.3.0) runs on a Digital Ocean droplet.
For database I use a managed PostgreSQL 13 database cluster also on Digital Ocean.

Feel free to check it out :wink:


@Morgoth This is awesome :tada: Would love to know a little more about your project and team:

  • How many of you were on the team that built the game?
  • How many lines of Lua logic did you write for your server code?
  • How long did development of the game take to get this point?
  • What game engine did you use to build the game?

Thank you very much :grinning:

To answer your questions:

  • It’s actually just a small game I made just for fun in some of my free time. There’s no team :wink:
  • Around 1250 lines of LUA and around 6500 lines of GO code
  • Hard to tell actually since I only work(ed) on it every now and then. Maybe all in all a few weeks.
  • I’m using Unity

Meanwhile I also added Facebook and DeviceID authentication, GetSocial and a Daily Challenge.


Great Game, I just found out about it.

Could you explain in some detail how you did the authoritative passive turn-based multiplayer?
I haven’t found good examples for that yet.

I will play this with my GF from now on!

Keep up the good work!