Lua client for Love2D, Defold, Solar2D, etc?

Is there anyone who’s started a pure Lua client for engines like Love2D, Defold, Solar2D (formerly CoronaSDK), etc? Seems doable based on what I’ve seen from the other client source, but I didn’t want to re-invent the wheel if there’s another client started.

Saw this but couldn’t find any associated repo.

Any help would be appreciated!

Hi @ponywolf welcome :wave:

There’s an announcement planned for May 26th which will include news about our Defold client. It’s still in development but we’ll open-source it as soon as it’s complete or on that date so we can gather feedback from the community.

I’m not sure whether it’s abstracted well enough from the Defold internals to integrate easily with other Lua-based game engines. But that we can also tackle together when you’ve had the chance to look at the open-source code. :+1:

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Awesome. No matter what it’s better than starting from scratch :slight_smile:


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@ponywolf The announcement will be tomorrow as planned but we’ve just open-sourced our Defold client built in collaboration with the Defold team. Would be great to get your feedback on it :slight_smile:


I looked through this a little bit yesterday, and it seems pretty straight forwards. Here’s my thoughts in no particular order…

  1. I’ll shoot for Solar2D/CoronaSDK first because that’s what I’m most comfortable in
  2. Some of the modules you are importing are already included, so I might use the pre-installed json, base46, etc.
  3. Solar2D/CoronaSDK will probably need a few plugins to keep from having to also port britzl’s libraries over.
  4. I’m a little concerned about WebSockets, that was a paid plugin on that platform, so I don’t know what the adoption would be like if there’s a paid/closed source dependency

This may work though…

Anyway, I’ll open that can of worms when I get to it :slight_smile:

  1. My current TCP/UDP library uses “enterFrame” to poll the sockets and converts them to “events” that anything can subscribe to. This seems to work on more of a coroutine with async callbacks.

We’ve got a game release tomorrow, so I’ll pick this back up once things settle down.

Awesome work!