Godot client?

Any chance you guys are working on a Godot client? It’s an increasingly popular game engine, and very much worth supporting.

@JimboAction We’ve just started to collaborate with the Godot engine team to work on one. Subscribe to this forum post and we’ll post updates as we make progress on it. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested to move faster you could also use the REST API to communicate with Nakama directly in the meantime.


Oh wow, that sounds awesome! Thx!

I also found this which I haven’t used but seems promising. It’s a wrapper for the REST API.

And this wrapper for the dotnet client.

A godot client would be awesome. I will be waiting for it!

@kidandcat We’ve been quiet as we’ve got all things in order but check this out:

We’re now an official sponsor of Godot engine! :tada:


@novabyte Excited to see this!

Fwiw I’ve been building w/ Godot 3.1 Mono and Nakama’s Mono client without any difficulties save for one on macos which appears to be on the Godot side: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/27830

Would be really cool to see a GDScript client but it’s been really easy to just use the docs and the standard C# examples on my end, at least for Godot Mono.

Cheers on directly sponsoring them!

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Any news on the GDScript client? BTW:


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We are working with the Godot team and are cooking up something and will announce it in early 2020 - Stay tuned :star_struck:


Great to hear that! Thanks for the reply.


With the help of Fabio from the Godot community team we’ve completed the initial release of the Godot client sdk. All open-source on GitHub like the rest of our sdks. :tada:

The client sdk includes all request and socket features of the game server as of the v2.9.1 release of the game server. Let us know if you have any specific feedback or questions.


It is great to see nakama launch godot client sdk.
I will look forward what will come up with nakama 3.0 and godot 4.0, that must be amazing.
However, will there have godot tutorial with nakama soon?

@john Thanks for the kind words. We have great plans for Nakama 3.0 but it won’t be until next year. There’s much more we’d like to continue to add to Nakama before we consider changes that could break backwards compatibility :slight_smile:

However, will there have godot tutorial with nakama soon?

Sure. We’d love to add a tutorial for Godot. There’s a lot of features in the game server so its hard to scope a tutorial. Are there particular features you’d like to be covered?

Cool. Hopefully 2.9 project can have painless way to upgrade to nakama 3.0 in the future.

About tutorial, I suggest to have some basic introduction, basic setup process with godot.
And since nakama can do database and multiplayer at the same time, especially godot didn’t have any other official network support other than nakama, that will be great to have a simple game template make by godot to show the best practice to make a game with godot and nakama. Like how the code structure should be done, what common mistake have caused etc. It will take a lot of time to make but that will be really easy for some devs to start develop a great online game with nakama in the future.

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I completely agree with @john!
Start with really basic stuff, like setting up nakama, etc.

And thanks for this! I’ve followed this forum for the last 6 months or so, just to see if official nakama for godot will be released! Now that it has, I’ve registered to say my thanks, and off I go to try to make something. It will be basic, since I’m a noob. But this makes me so happy :slight_smile:


@c0ppo Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you’re happy and will experiment with Nakama and the Godot engine client sdk.

We’ll have a discussion internally about what we could do to get some tutorials developed which cover basic setup and development steps.

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