Godot client?

Any chance you guys are working on a Godot client? It’s an increasingly popular game engine, and very much worth supporting.

@JimboAction We’ve just started to collaborate with the Godot engine team to work on one. Subscribe to this forum post and we’ll post updates as we make progress on it. :slight_smile:

If you’re interested to move faster you could also use the REST API to communicate with Nakama directly in the meantime.


Oh wow, that sounds awesome! Thx!

I also found this which I haven’t used but seems promising. It’s a wrapper for the REST API.

And this wrapper for the dotnet client.

A godot client would be awesome. I will be waiting for it!

@kidandcat We’ve been quiet as we’ve got all things in order but check this out:

We’re now an official sponsor of Godot engine! :tada:


@novabyte Excited to see this!

Fwiw I’ve been building w/ Godot 3.1 Mono and Nakama’s Mono client without any difficulties save for one on macos which appears to be on the Godot side: https://github.com/godotengine/godot/issues/27830

Would be really cool to see a GDScript client but it’s been really easy to just use the docs and the standard C# examples on my end, at least for Godot Mono.

Cheers on directly sponsoring them!

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