Defold SDK?

Hi there,

I’m new to Nakama and I’m trying to create a simple “turn-based” chat between two clients. I also started working with Defold and I would love to create an app like that. Probably, one user will create a server and second user will be a client, so they could talk to each other. Are there any plans to create SDK for Defold?

Hey @Quadra. I’ve had Defold on the roadmap for a long time to support but have always gotten stuck at various stages with the development of it. You can track the discussion on it here:

If you’re interested to collaborate together to get an SDK implemented it’d be great to discuss in the new year!

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Thank you for the answer! :smiley: It’s great that it’s ongoing, is there an open-sourced branch for this or is it a closed project? There are many helpful people using Defold, so I hope not only me could help :slight_smile:

Official Defold SDK s available here: