Leaderboard listing functions return different results in 3.3.0

Hey guys, my team and I are currently implementing leaderboards, and we are running into an issue where ListLeaderboardRecordsAsync and ListLeaderboardRecordsAroundOwnerAsync show different ranks for the same players.

I am attaching an in-game screenshot, where rank is shown on the left. ListLeaderboardRecordsAroundOwnerAsync is used here and the player is ranked 18.

I am limited to one embed currently so I will describe the second scenario: ListLeaderboardRecordsAsync is used and the ranks of these same four players show as 1, 2, 3, and 4, where the player above that was ranked 18 here has a rank of 4. The developer console shows there are only four total leaderboard records with ranks between 1 and 4.

Is this the expected behavior? I would think the ranks would be immutable between the leaderboard resets, and that a leaderboard record only has one rank per player.

@mericodabas What version of the game server do you use? There’s been some improvements recently that resolve an off by one error in rank calculations that can cause stale results.

@novabyte We are using version 3.3.0

I had read about that off by one error. It might be related, since we are also having problems with specifically only ListLeaderboardRecordsAroundOwnerAsync, though the rank results are off by much more than one for us. What do you suggest? I can provide more information if you need.

The other ListLeaderboardRecordsAsync is not showing issues; the ranks listed match up with those in the leaderboard records.

@mericodabas Please run against the 3.4.0 server release and let us know if you see the error.

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@novabyte No error, wonderful, looks like it was fully fixed with 3.4.0. Thank you

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