Is there any tutorial to setup unreal project x game server connection through blueprints?


I’m very fresh using Nakama and Unreal, but I’m very interisting to see how it works together.
I tried to follow some tutorials that I find on internet to connect the third person template of Unreal to nakama, but I’m stucked without useful information for 3 days.

Is there any official tutorial that shows, step by step of how to use nakama blue prints to make this connection with server?

My initial goal is to setup this connection and see two or more players moving around in real time in the same room.

Hello @erik-paula,

did you have a look at this Demo made with Blueprints only?

Hello @ftkg,

I’ve tried to compile it on Unreal Engine 5 and it does not works.
It gives that error to build the project manually.

Should I have to remove Nakama plugin and apply that work around to add a C++ class to the project in order to compile?

Yes, please try that and let us know if it works.