Network Configuration on NakamaBlueprints Demo


I am currently working on the online game using Nakama-Unreal SDK.
I saw the NakamBlueprintsDemo project, and trying to figure out the location of the network configuration. I already set up Nakama server, so I can see that the matchmaking works on the demo project, now I want to see if I can join a match from an external network instead of localhost.
Can you tell us the location, as I was unable to find the blueprint.

I also want to be able to click the “join” button, and actually join the game, but don’t know how to do that in the blueprint. If you can provide any documentation or answer that would be very helpful.
In the demo project, I remember that nothing really happens when you click the “join” button.

I am using Unreal Engine 5 on windows 11.
Thank you in advance.