Is my Nakama server running?

I can see the console in But I can see a blank page here in What does that mean? Is my Nakama server running?

Yes it’s running, you need to use one of our clients to authenticate and interact with the server.

You can also view the logs in your terminal that you used to launch it.

Actually in the documentation it is shown that here in There will be a page of the server to be shown. But I am seeing a blank page that’s why asking?

I am not sure where in the documentation you see that. It’s totally normal for you to see a blank page. There is nothing for the browser to render because the web server is just listening at that port for requests.

Actually I am getting an error since morning. Didn’t get any way to solve this? That’s why asking this silly question, I thought server is not running properly. Can you please help? My code is given below to authenticate client.

const { Client } = require("@heroiclabs/nakama-js");
var useSSL = false; // Enable if server is run with an SSL certificate.
var client = new Client("defaultkey", "", "7350", useSSL);
var email = "";
var password = "ashik123456";
const session = client.authenticateEmail(email, password);;

I am getting ReferenceError: XMLHttpRequest is not defined. Please help.