Nakama JS Client Request Timeout


var client = new Client(
		'my serverkey',
		'my serverhost;,

Tried both 7351 and 7350 for the port both not working, the host is the same (can easily access the console on same host), server key is also correct.

Problem im having is, trying to run a authenticateDevice request to the client, it always returns ‘Request timed out’.

Running the exact same server locally on a docker, and making requests with the host on the client, everything works.

What exactly could be the problem here?

This is using Node/Express

Hello @BernardoSantos,

I’m not sure I understand the situation. If you don’t mind, could you describe the environment where you are deploying the server and from where you are trying to connect to it?

if it works with both server and client running locally but it doesn’t when the client runs locally and it tries to connect to a remote server, then I would expect that some network configuration is missing from the server deployment. Are you able to send requests using curl to the remote server or does it timeout as well?

It is deployed in AWS, and for some weird reason, everything works if we change the port to 80, even though in the console configuration we see that the port should be 7350.

Curl works for the remote server.

It seems to be a network configuration issue of your infrastructure. For a smoother experience, we recommend the Heroic Cloud, a managed service on which these nuances are handle by us in your behalf.

Its weird, because we also use unity client to connect to nakama and it works, we were using the same config in js and unity and js needs the port to be 80 and unity uses 7350