How can I estimate scale?


We are building a Unity3D multiplayer game and we are looking for solutions for our backend infrastructure.

Nakama looks like what we need, however, I am not sure how to estimate the plan (pricing) we need to start with.

We have a partnership with a popular social media influencer and we expect to have tens of thousands of players on the first day.

How can we estimate the concurrent (CCU) number of players we can support with Nakama with our game?

Also, any idea how we can do stress testing with our Unity game once we integrate with Nakama?


@game You can start by looking at our benchmarks page - they should be useful enough to give you a starting point for things like requests per second per CPU core, or CCU per CPU core.

Afterwards you can begin planning your own benchmarks. We always recommend you benchmark specifically for the combination of requests and overall shape of traffic you expect your real game client to produce. This is a good way to estimate hardware requirements as it is tailored to your exact use case more than any synthetic benchmark could be.

You can also get in touch with us to arrange a technical call, this type of analysis and planning is definitely something we can help with. :+1: