Recommendation for hosting

Hi, I am creating a game in which there are around 20 different gameplays and they all will be controlled through authoritative server, each game room may have 3, 4 players maximum.

I don’t have much knowledge about hosting and deployment so my question is what should be the specs of my server if lets say I expect 2000 players.

Also if I can get a rough estimate about how much it would cost me.

@Faraz This is impossible for anyone to advise on because there’s far too many unknowns. You’re best to benchmark the server netcode and your authoritative multiplayer logic when its built because performance will heavily depend on the quality of your own code.

@novabyte Yes I agree it’s a very broad question with lots of points to consider, but I was thinking in terms of starting point what should be the minimum specs of the server, and after that I can scale from there.
Do you think I can start with Heroic Cloud Starter package supposing that the code is really optimized and the games are turn based (like board games) so the data exchange is not too high?

@Faraz You absolutely could and should start at the smallest scale until you have the player counts grow in the game and then you can expand horizontally from there. Also have a look at the benchmarks for an overview about the general performance of the game server under different workloads: Benchmarks - Nakama server.