Guidance on Using Nakama for a PvE-Focused 2D Platformer with Casual PvP Elements

Details: As an indie developer team of three using Godot 4, we’re developing a 2D platformer primarily focused on PvE with casual PvP elements (1v1 for fun). We are considering Nakama for our multiplayer backend and have several questions regarding its suitability and scalability.

Versions: Nakama 3.5, Docker, Godot client SDK (latest version)

Server Framework Runtime Language: Not applicable yet as we are in the decision phase. ( GO or TypeScript )

Description: We are in the early stages of choosing the right server backend for our game, which includes both PvE missions and casual PvP interactions. Our game will support small-scale missions for up to 3 players and larger raids for 6 to 9 players. Here are our specific inquiries:

  1. Network Model Choice: For a game focused more on PvE and casual PvP, would you recommend a peer-to-peer (P2P) model or a server-authoritative model using Nakama? What are the advantages, particularly in terms of security against potential cheating?
  2. Real-Time Game Suitability: Can Nakama provide the necessary low-latency network conditions for real-time interactions in our game? While it is not as latency-dependent as an FPS, responsive multiplayer interactions are crucial.
  3. Pricing and Scalability: As an indie development team, we are particularly concerned about the cost-effectiveness of our backend solution. Can you elaborate on why Nakama might be a better investment compared to lower-cost solutions like Digital Ocean droplets, especially considering a potential plan around $600 USD? Additionally, what are the implications for scaling or switching services later on as our game grows? We do not have a budget of 600USD, so I need to determine if it is worthwhile to allocate funds to have our services on Heroic Labs. Is it geared towards larger games, prompting us to upgrade to Heroic later on When we have high player base?)
  4. Server Requirements: What are the minimum server specifications required to support 500 to 1,000 concurrent users? Would starting with a small droplet be sufficient, or is a more robust setup advisable from the outset?

We appreciate any insights you can provide to help us make an informed decision.
and any details about things to watch out for, tips, games, or any other helpful information.

Marauders from Small Impact Games - Heroic Labs

i found this game that answers one of my Questions can Nakama be used in FPS games (Answer is Yes) from what i have read