Authoratative Server player limitations

I happened across this Nakama server/client while watching a video on and thought I should probably ask since I haven’t found any answers on the website. I noticed on the site that nakama can handle 11,000 concurrent connections, however, my question concerns actual player counts. We are currently developing a first/third person shooter, and would like to have either 16vs16, or even better, 32vs32 matches. In the future, we’ve got some ideas on creating a mmorpg game with pve and pvp combat, so I’m curious how many player connections the server would be able to handle at the same time. Have any tests been done with 3D multiplayers to establish a baseline limitation on number of players that can connect without causing lag problems? Thank you in advance for any light you could shed on the subject!


Yes there are both tests and live projects using Nakama’s multiplayer features for anything from 1v1 turn-based up to fully realtime battle royale game types. It’s hard to publish these however because testing is always done in the context of a particular use case which means the methodology and results are usually private to each project.

I know where you’ve seen the 11,000 concurrent connections number but you should note those results are outdated (we have a new set of benchmarks we’ll publish soon to replace that page) and relative to the hardware configured for that test. Nakama scales vertically very well with additional hardware, and can of course scale horizontally running on multiple nodes.

We always recommend you benchmark with a workload as close to your real one as possible, otherwise it’s hard to make synthetic benchmarks give useful results. It should always be a combination of your exact client behaviour, server logic implementation, and provisioned hardware that is unique to your games.

You should get in touch to see if it would be a good fit for our engineers to help you test much more closely to your specific requirements.