Queries using Nakama on Cloud as an Indie game developer

Q1. Prioritizing Nakama as a service.

I am using Godot to create my multiplayer game… as an indie game developer why should I prioritize Nakama over services like Steamworks. And Can I connect Nakama to Steam APIs like GodotSteam. And can we have multiple sign in options like authenticate with Steam Accounts and manually email/password.

Q2. Nakama hosting on the cloud

When thinking about hosting nakama on the cloud the cloud provided by Heroic Labs itself seems to be geared more towards the enterprise having millions of players, thus on a pricier side for an indie developer, and are on Google cloud which I personally am not a huge fan of.
If I consider hosting it on OVH/Hetzner or other cloud services how much spec is recommended for a Dedicated baremetal cloud ?
I am putting emphasis on accurate specifications as it will be easier going for multiple year commitment on the cloud, However I dont mind testing different cloud specifications for few months.

SDK - Godot
Operating System - Arch Linux (For Development)

Regardless thanks for the great nakama API its easy and is user friendly, still learning, and its running great on my local docker setup rn. And thanks for supporting Godot !

In the future, please break down your questions into separate threads as it’s easier for developers to search for content/answers.

In regards to Q1:

You can use Steamworks in combination to Nakama. All of Nakama’s APIs are build as lego-pieces so that you can choose what you’d like to use - however each feature API complement one another well.

Specifically about Steam - we have Steam auth available: Authentication - Heroic Labs Documentation

In regards to Q2:

Heroic Cloud is geared towards developers who want to ship games in a production settings and understand the total cost of ownership (TCO). The amount of time and resources needed to build something like Heroic Cloud far outweighs the cost of the platform.

Nonetheless, you are free to deploy Nakama wherever you’d like. Irrespectively, it’s best to benchmark your game/server combination and find out how much resources you need. For guidance, have a look at this page: Benchmarks - Heroic Labs Documentation

Thanks for the clarification :slight_smile: The benchmarks documentation is really helpful. Also after looking at authentication… steam is fine… and after some investigation I found that itch authentication by @rcorre is currently in the PRs and Nakama does support custom identifiers , So thats a positive ! Marking as the solution thanks @mofirouz and will take care next time breaking Qs into different threads.