Does it make sense to suppliment Nakama with Firebase?

Hey, I’m writing an authorative multiplayer game for mobile and I’m using Nakama as my game’s engine.
I use the storage to keep user’s in-game data and so far I just used AuthenticateWithDeviceId method for testing.

Even though I’m a software engineer with 8 years of experience I have no experience in game dev and differences between Android/iOS.

I’m wondering how should I go about logging to my game given it’s a mobile game.
I’ve read about Google Play Services and counterpart on iOS, I know I can use SDK’s for google / facebook SSO’s but it all seems like it’s built in in firebase which pay as you go pricing looks like I would pay cents for the functionality even if I get some active users.

So my question is, is it a bad idea to utilize Firebase for mobile SSOs as it seems it supports all of them out of the box, without needing to write separate code for Android and iOS? It has some other functionalities which I’m not sure Nakama supports like crashalytics, cloud notifications, app distribution.

It feels like two backends for the game is an overkill, but also I utilize Nakama strongly for game engine and I feel it’s missing other functionalities firebase supports.

Hi @terleckijt,

Nakama supports authentication via Apple, Google, Facebook, Facebook Instant, Game Center and Steam out of the box. It also supports custom authentication if you have more complex authentication requirements. There should be no need to use Firebase for this.