Authentication or SignIn with Google new PlayGamesServices 0.11.01

We’re looking for advice or comments related to Unity and the newest version of Google Play Games 0.11.01. It seems the latest Play Games services sdk no longer exposes the player id token, which Nakama needs to authenticate the google profile. Has anyone determined how to properly get the token required to authenticate or sign in with the latest Google sdk? There is a RequestServerSideAccess function in the PGS sdk that returns a token, but the description doesn’t seem to match up, and the token is rejected as invalid by Nakama.


Hi, there is an existing issue being tracked on Nakama to enhance the token handling: Google Play Games v0.11.x is incompatible with Nakama 3.13.1 · Issue #915 · heroiclabs/nakama · GitHub

If you cannot wait/avoid upgrading the PGS SDK you should be able to use Google Sign-In SDK to get a compatible token: Sign-in for Android Games  |  Play Games Services  |  Google Developers

thanks for the confirmation.

Any update on this issue?