Best Approach for Open World MMO?


I am planning on making a little game (webgl or windows still undecided about this part) and came across Heroic Labs. My initial plan was to use firebase but seeing all out-of-box features of nakama server I’m very interested to say the least, I am curious if what I am trying to do is doable with nakama.

To simplify it, the game it’s basically a text based open world pvp/pve and by that I mean anyone can attack anyone else at any time and even have multiple players attacking player x while player x is attacking player y and any other combination you can think of. So the state(health,part of the “inventory”, etc) of all players and npcs has to be available and real-time at all times or easily and quickly accessible.
I have been going over the documentation of nakama, glancing over might be better said and it does sound doable but how would it be best to approach this?

Hello there,

Nakama can support millions of players and retrieving a simple state for each is a constant operation so, based on your simplified description, if you need to access the player state at points of “attack” then it should be straight forward. If however you mean reading state of millions of players at any given time from any client then of course that would have to be designed differently.