Authoritative server engine options?

Hello everyone,

I made an authoritative game server with Nakama 2 years ago. I used Go runtime and wrote the entire engine in Go but that was awful as Go is not intended for this… I’d like a smoother experience, what are my options?

I am using Godot, so is there a way to integrate the Godot Headless/ Server binary into the mix and somehow use those to run the games on the server? That would allow for a lot better development experience

Any advice is greatly appreciated!

PS. What happened to gitter community?

Hey @Nikola-Milovic we’re always open to feedback on what made that a poor experience for you. We also offer Typescript now for your authoritative server.

You could certainly integrate a Godot headless binary though it’s not something we directly support. I’m not familiar with the ecosystem in that regard.

Nothing in Nakama is poor experience, this is purely related to Go in itself. Its just not made for this and the tooling is poor.

I love Nakama and ill be using it again for my future games, I would just love some insight on a better way of writing authoritative servers and I think that the Headless Godot might be a great option.

Anyone else that might be more well versed in this field I’d love to hear their thoughts

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