Nakama Authoritative Example/Tutorial?


We are looking for a game server solutions and I’m reading, trying to understand every aspect of the Nakama.
I have a few simple questions. Sorry if they sound lame. I’m simply a beginner…

  • I couldn’t find any complete Authoritative server tutorial/example (simple example would be super fine). I’ll be appreciate if you have have suggestions?
  • Is it possible to use and manage headless authoritative servers(maybe by using Agones) with Nakama or we should embed everything into the go/lua code as modules?
  • If we had to embed everything into Nakama, what is the suggested project structure/workflow for golang or lua? (Since Nakama doesn’t support hot reloading, wouldn’t that hard to develop this way?)

PS: Currently I’m developing a Nakama client for Defold game engine by using Nakama C++ client sdk. I’ll share it when it is done.

Thank you