AuthenticateGoogleAsync fails with Google Play 0.11.01 in Unity

I’ve upgraded to GooglePlayGamesPlugin-0.11.01 and modified my code to request a token by calling PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.RequestServerSideAccess instead of
PlayGamesPlatform.Instance.GetUserId() which is deprecated.

However, this token is not being accepted by AuthenticateGoogleAsync.

The following is logged by the server:

{"level":"info","ts":"2022-09-23T17:20:29.337Z","caller":"server/core_authenticate.go:630","msg":"Could not authenticate Google profile.","error":"google id token invalid"}

I have upgraded the client library to 3.5.0 and the server to Nakama 3.13.1+2000e4b8 but the error persists.

Is this an incompatibility and do I need to revert to Google Play 0.10.x?


Hi, we are not aware of that incompatibility at the moment.
If you can, please open an issue/pull request for this error you’re facing.

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