Amazon game lift and Nakama

Hi there,
we have a game made with nakama that is been running for two years, and recently we came upon AWS Game lift on your documentation, which is something we always wanted to use before, since our server runs on aws, now we just want to know how hard will it be to implement this with our unity game ?? does it require us to build everything from scratch ??? do we need to change anything on our client side code ??

really appreciate your answers on this.

Hello @meet2play,

I suggest you have a look at your GameLift Guide and the GameLift plugin code to better understand how to integrate it with your game.

If you’re already using AWS GameLift then integrating Nakama for fleet management should be fairly straightforward.


we have never used game lift before, but we have a full project made with nakama, we almost used every feature of nakama unity client (authentication, session, socket, matchmaking, friends, notifications, virtual currencies), we just want to know if it’s possible to switch to this solution now, or it needs to build everything from scratch ???

it’s also worth a mention, our game is relayed architecture and the server side is wrriten in lua

Without knowing more specifics it’s hard to reply with certainty but I do not expect this to be something you can just “drop in” unless you were already using GameLift, and even then it’ll probably require changes to how your clients interact with the server.

Given that your game is client-relayed it would most likely require changes, but to which extent I cannot say.