Amazon GameLift Fleet Management using the Nakama GameLift Plugin

Hi there currently we are running nakama on aws for more than 2 years we need integrate with amazon game lift plugin for unity we are following nakama documentation for the integration. according to nakama documentation it require as to download amazon GameLift Managed Servers SDK v5.0.0 or higher. we have downloaded GameLift Managed Servers SDK v5.0.0 or higher. and it says that we have to create directory on assets of unity named Plugins and add all .dll file to that plugins file but the problem is there is no .dll in the given path that nakama documentation mentioned GameLift-CSharp-ServerSDK-5.0.0/src/GameLiftServerSDK/bin/Release

Hello @3li, you need to build the dll files by running dotnet build -c Release in the GameLift-CSharp-ServerSDK-5.0.0 folder.