Whats the best way to implement nakama matchmaking + gamelift server hosting

Basically I have a unity project that’s using gamelift for hosting and mirror for networking.
I want to use nakama to matchmake the players together which I’ve done, but I need to pass the values through to gamelift. What’s the best way to do this?

Thanks for any help!

Hello @crowie,

The recommend component interactions are the following

  1. Use Nakama as a “lobby” server that players connect to and matchmake
  2. On the matchmaking hook, once complete, you contact Gamelift API to provision a new instance

I hope this diagram helps:

Client → Nakama → GameLift, then Client → GameLift

The client will maintain a connection to Nakama and new connections to Gamelift instances.

The Nakama to Gamelift bit is the thing I’m having issues with. I’m not 100% on how to pass the values like match ID and player ID through from Nakama to Gamelift so that only they are connected to the session.

You would setup a matchemaker matched hook that would invoke Gamelift, then it passes the connection details to the client, e.g match ID.

More info on hooks: