Version 2.4.0 published on NPM registry missing nakama-js.cjs.js file

This post is a copy from the following issue:

After upgrading to 2.4.0 I started receiving an error that the nakama-js package could not be resolved because it was missing one of the build files.

error While trying to resolve module '@heroiclabs/nakama-js' from file, the package 
'node_modules/@heroiclabs/nakama-js/package.json' was successfully found. 
However, this package itself specifies a 'main' module field that could not be resolved 

Comparing the 2.3.0 package to the 2.4.0 package it does look like the file is missing, and adding the file from the repo fixed the issue. I assume this is just a publishing error.

Thank you @MWFIAE, this is being tracked by our team on GitHub.

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