Whats the status on @heroiclabs/nakama-js-protobuf?

What is the current status for @heroiclabs/nakama-js-protobuf?

Is it still needed if you want to use protobufs? Currently it’s broken because the isOpen method only exists in the cjs build while the esm build is old.

Is it still needed/supported? What is the intenteded way to use protobufs in js? :thinking:

my guess is that there is an slight error on the build script:
this seems to be the old build script

and this seems to be the new one

and since the package.json declares the extension mjs as the correct one

the new script is not building the esm version to the right file

also, for some reason the typing is also not being referenced in the package.json…

I will send a pr soon :thinking: