Nakama-js.esm.mjs removed from NPM package since 2.5.1

When upgrading my node packages, I became aware that the NPM module removed the following file from the NPM repo:

This breaks multiple of my games, and I was curious if this is by mistake or will I now have to make a workaround for every next update?

thank you,

Hi @linjoe,

This is a mistake and will be fixed in the next release, thank you for reporting this.

In the meantime, the ESM module is still there, it just does not have the .mjs extension, instead it is nakama-js.esm.js. You should be able to rename this file to .mjs and use it as normal.

@linjoe just to update you on this, we’ve published 2.5.3 to NPM which includes the nakama-js.esm.mjs file.

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