Potential Documentation Errors

Working through my project I have found a few potential errors in the documentation:

1. Typescript setup - Link
In the section for configuring Rollup with your Typescript project, the rollup.config.js file sets the output file as pkg.main. However, the provided Dockerfile expects the built file to be build/index.js.

I was not able to get the code as given in the documentation to run, but changing the rollup.config.js file to output to build/index.js fixed it.

2. Inconsistent Nakama versions across the documentation
Across the documentation I have found the stated Nakama versions to be inconsistent with no explanation. The Go setup uses Nakama 3.3 while the Typescript text documentation as well as the main Docker Compose documentation use 3.9, but the Typescript video on the page uses 3.3.

3. There is no explanation as to why 2 different databases are offered
As someone who wasn’t familiar with PostgreSQL or CockroachDB, I was given a choice between two options with not a word said why both were offered or how they were different.

4. Documentation links to a Github README rather than to the actual documentation
The link shown below near the top of the Server Framework > Setup page links to a Github README last updated 2 years ago instead of the actual documentation on the topic.

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Yep, there is more errors, for example:

leaderboardCreate (Nakama: TypeScript | Heroic Labs Documentation) First parameter (leaderboardID) misspelled and authoritative parameter is not marked as required - nakama-common/index.d.ts at master · heroiclabs/nakama-common · GitHub

sessionDisconnect (Nakama: TypeScript | Heroic Labs Documentation) reason parameter optional but marked as required - nakama-common/index.d.ts at master · heroiclabs/nakama-common · GitHub

Documentation repo GitHub - heroiclabs/nakama-docs: Documentation for Nakama social and realtime server. has been archived. How we can help with documentation update?

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This. I have made a lot of stuff to have better documentation for myself and would love to PS all of that to improve the existing one, so no one needs to experience that again haha

Thanks all - I’ve asked our DevRel team (cc @gabe) to take a look at these issues. Thank you for reporting them.

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Thanks @Confuzzleinator / @formatCvt / @KittySkin - we’re always working on improving our docs and appreciate your reporting any errors.

I’ve created a separate Documentation category for the forum, so please post there in the future for any errors encountered, or general discussion about improvements or new content you’d like to see. I’m closing this topic so we can move anything further to the new docs category.

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