Shorter match IDs

Hi guys,

As i read that shorter matchId feature had included in version 3.9.
I’m looking for a configuration or document of it. Please help me.

Thank you so much.

Hey @tunglt1810,

Nakama 3.9 introduced named relay matches, you can specify a name field in the rt message on matchCreate and can use that name to join the match. This is currently only supported in the Unity SDK, if you need it elsewhere I’d suggest you open an issue in the appropriate Github repository please.

If you’re looking to create custom match IDs for authoritative matches it can be achieved with some custom code, as replied here: Custom matchId for private lobby/room?.

Hope this helps.

Hi @sesposito ,

Thank for your answer.
Please take a look at the SendMatchStateAsync function, it needs to you matchId. So do you think a long matchId will effects network traffic ?

Shorter match ID are usually used so that they are human readable and easily shared with friends, and are supported in the Unity SDK MatchCreate, the UUID match ID is still used as the identifier used to route match data to the proper match.

The UUID length is of no concern for network traffic, we’ve used this pattern at scale in production for a number of Heroic Cloud customers without issue, the important thing is to keep the data payload of the messages as slim as possible.

Hope this answers your questions.


Thank @sesposito for your answer.